JME Menu

shows molecule SMILES
clears the editing area (or current molecule, if the structure contains several parts)
starts new molecule (when multipart option allowed)
delete mode (click to atom or bond to delete it)
deletes functional group - choose this option and then click bond connecting the group with the main skeleton
starts atom numbering or reaction mapping (when this option allowed)
query atom / SMARTS (when this option is allowed)
switches between allowed charge states on clicked atom
reaction input (when reactions allowed)
one step undo
input stereo bond, click existing stereo bond to change its type (up, dowm, orientation)
powerful chain tool, allows creation of various chains and rings, by clicking single bond changes it to double
allows input of inorganic or non-standard atoms

rings are added connected by a single bond (when not added to a terminal atom); if you want to add a spiro ring press Shift when adding it
with single bond selected, a click on existing single bond changes it to double
molecule may be moved by "dragging" free space and rotated by pressing also the Shift key

JME Keyboard Shortcuts

ESC returns to the standard editing state (carbon, single bond)
atoms C, N, O, P, S, F, L (for Cl), B (for Br), I, H, R
bonds - for single bond, = for double bond
rings 3..8 for 3 to 8 membered rings, Ph is 1, furyl 0
groups a - COOH, y - NO2, z - SO3H, t - tert. butyl, ft - CF3