JME Molecule Editor

The development of JME editor applet has been discontinued. Try the JSME molecule editor in JavaScript instead. The JSME is based on the conversion of JME into JavaScript, has the same API, considerably extended functionality and runs in all browsers, touch devices and mobile phones.
The following information about the JME applet has been retained for historical (and also some nostalgic) reasons.

JME Molecular Editor is a Java applet which allows to draw / edit molecules and reactions (including generation of substructure queries) and to depict molecules directly within an HTML page. Editor can generate Dayligh SMILES or MDL mol file of created structures.

The applet has been developed by Peter Ertl at Comenius University Bratislava and later enhanced at Ciba-Geigy Basel. Due to many requests, the applet (in form of a jar file) has been released to the public and become a standard for molecular structure input on the web with over 10,000 installations worldwide.
As a recognition of this generous gesture, Molinspiration provides this space for the JME Home. Molinspiration can also offer help with installation and deployment of the JME.

Please note: JME is a tool for structure input and editing. It is neither a property calculator, nor the database search tool. Calculation of molecule properties available from the Molinspiration site is not done by JME, but by the Molinspiration property calculation engine, running on the server.

Some basic facts about JME.

JME documentation, including implementation examples and licence conditions.

Try interactive calculation of molecular properties relevant to drug design and QSAR, such as logP, molecular polar surface area PSA, rule of 5 parameters or drug likeness, or search in the web molecular database with possibility to use substructure, similarity or pharmacophore similarity searches.

Pre-java predecessor of JME based on a clickable image map.

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