Cheminformatics or Cheminformatics ?

Cheminformatics or Chemoinformatics ?

Or maybe chemiinformatics, molecular informatics, chemical informatics, or even chemobioinformatics. What is the real name of our favourite field ? All these options have some advantages. By using short cheminformatics you are saving the keyboard of your computer by 6.25% less typing, chemoinformatics sounds nice in sentences like "... our software product seamlessly integrates chemoinformatics and bioinformatics ...", and the title "Head of chemobioinformatics" on a business card cannot miss the point. Molecular informatics or chemical informatics are less known, but this also gives a scientist active in this area an opportunity to be a pioneer on the forefront of a new scientific field.

Well, let's find the truth on the web and compare frequencies of terms cheminformatics and chemoinformatics in web pages, as determined by the popular search engine Google. Cheminformatics is now (December 2009) used about 2.5-times more frequently than chemoinformatics. In 2006 this ratio was 1.6, in 2007 1.5 and in 2008 1.9. So it looks like that the term cheminformatics is winning the race!

(We knew this, of course, already 10 years ago when we named our company Molinspiration Cheminformatics :-).