WebME Editor

Molinspiration WebME Molecule Editor

Molinspiration WebME molecule sketcher allows creation and editing of molecules in browsers without Java support and without any plugins. The editor is based on a Web2.0 Ajax technology. WebME allows therefore web-based structure input also in institutions where Java applets are not allowed and offers complete platform compatibility.
The actual molecule processing in WebME is based on reliable JMEPro editing engine running on a server.

Sorry, WebME is currently not available. A new, completely rewriten version of WebME is under development. Stay tuned!

Easy molecule editing
No Java or plugins required
Working everywhere
True platform independence
Breakthrough Web2.0 Ajax technology
Easy installation, no maintenance

Contact Molinspiration at info[at]molinspiration.com for more information about pricing and licensing conditions or WebME test installation.